Old Beginnings

Fallcrest Mages' Guild seeks members
Septarch's Tower

I am seeking new members for Fallcrest’s local Mages’ Guild! This stupid tower has stood the test of time, even through the Bloodspear War. I fear that if the city gets attacked that we won’t be able to defend the tower this time without more help. Working on defensive enchantments and can teach rituals to the dedicated. Myself and my rather unpromising apprentice Tobolar Quickfoot expect an initiation fee up front. Am also looking for adventurers that are willing to enter Kobold Hall because I believe there is something more terrible and dangerous behind the recent kobold attacks. The stupid little creatures now compared to the ones I have dealt with in the past seem a bit organized and a little on the aggressive side to me…leading me to think there is someone or something leading these little anklebiters. I would go myself, but I got a lot of work to do around here. I would send Tobolar, but he would probably get lost and I would never see him again and I would be short an apprentice. Of course, I am always offering my magical aid to locals for a price. ~Nimozaran the Green, High Septarch of Fallcrest

Nentir Inn celebrates 2 yrs
from the muddy banks west of Fallcrest

Nentir Inn is celebrating 2 years of establishment! Come join us in celebration! Many merchants and travelers are always here from the neighboring cities that help boast the lively taproom. Many locals from the vale on the west side of the river will be attending this great event! Live music and lovely barmaids will also be here. A special guest is staying named Serim Selduzar, an expatriate noble from the southlands. He is hoping to establish a small manor somewhere nearby, and is looking for capable associates or a band of enthusiastic adventurers to help him. Rooms are only 5 sp per night, and we will have drink specials all night long. Come one and all! ~Erandil Zemoar, proprietor

Kobolds attack!
Kobolds attack townspeople and villagers on King's Road

Pesky kobolds have been attacking people traveling on the Old King’s Road near the ruins of the old keep in the Cloak Wood. That must be where they are holing up! I’m afraid that they might start attacking and pillaging the nearby farmlands and villages soon. It’s bad enough with the random bandits, wild animals and monsters that roam around. I would send out some guards, but I don’t want to leave the town defenseless with less than sixty. I can call up a lot of militia if things get out of hand around Fallcrest, but hopefully It won’t come to that. I know Teldothan is upset that he lost some cured green dragon hide in one of the caravans bound for Fallcrest. Nimozaran was babbling the other day about the kobolds hiding a secret because they seem too organized and more aggressive now. Either way… I need some heroes to take care of them quick! ~Faren Markelhay – Lord Warden of Fallcrest

Town of Fallcrest needs Heroes!
Any Heroes?

25th Day of the month of Ancient Darkness -

Adventurers gather. I hope hubby can persuade some of them to take care of things. I will try to advise him the best I can for things to come. Things will get better soon. Hopefully… ~Lady Markelhay


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